Pé descalço

(is the biggest and most famous Forró school in Brasil)
With their color level system everyone can improve theire skills super fast.


The Teachers:

Colors / Levels


It’s the beginner’s group: even people that have never danced before can take this class.


For those who can already dance a little.


The students that pass the exam to access the blue level can already link moves and understand how to step to the rhythm of the music, even if they still have difficulties with some of the songs.

Blue advanced

When entering this level, students have more control over their own dance and can link in a creative and musical way various moves from their repertoire, which will keep on growing.


Students accessing the black level clearly have a significant repertoire. They also dance frequently and can carry out complex moves that match the possibilities offered by the music.

Black advanced

Students entering black advanced usually have a professional focus in dancing and aim to constantly improve and master their own dance, which is already shaped by a lot of their personality and all the energy of the school.


Those who dedicate themselves a lot and, possibly, want to pursue a carreer in dancing, try, sometimes for years, to reach what is currently the highest level of the school, taking a very strict exam where the whole school watches them.

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