Let´s build and grow Forró communitys!

Join our mission and become an great Forró dancer, event organisator and/or even a teacher in your city.

It´s so easy to fall in love with Forró.


In many citys around the world you already have the possibility to learn and dance Forró, but

  • many communitys are still small or dependent on a single teacher. When this teacher moves away or stops teaching, the community might die.
  • Also many citys have the potential to grow an awesome Forró community but without a teacher/ organiser the potential is never realized.
  • Some citys or region is so big that one teacher can not serve the demand.


Thats why we´ve created the „weloveforro“ Community. We empower each other to become great dancers, organisers and Forró teacher to spread the love of Forró.

  • With our online classes you can improve your Forró.
  • If you want to support your local community as teacher or organisator we are here to help. Talk to us and we find solutions for everything!
Click here, let us know and we organize for you