Let´s build and grow Forró communitys!

Join our mission and become an great Forró dancer, event organisator and/or even a teacher in your city.

It´s so easy to fall in love with Forró.

You like to dance as much Forro as possible this winter?

Hi! I´m Daniel, organiser of weloveforro.

Background story:
I dance Forró since 2012 and teach since 2018 (currently in Munich).
Last winter I decided that I want to improve my dance even more and looked for the best Forro dancers worldwide that could bring me to the next level.
There are many so awesome dancers to learn from, but only the famous dancing school Pé Descalço has a structured level system where the best dancers in Europe only rank in the 5th from 7 levels.
So no matter how good you are, there are still 2 levels ahead.
My partner and I took 10 private lessons from two of their best teachers Lukas Dumont and Alice Rodrigues.
As they live in Belo Horizonte Brasil, we had our lessons on Zoom and it worked perfectly.
At the same time, I gave classes also through Zoom (because of covid) to 15 couples living in Munich.
Whenever I did not have time to give my classes Lukas and Alice took over and my students were excited!
After one year of teaching, many of my students are now on the same level as I am.
As we are all hungry to learn more and we are so excited about Lukas and Alice, I now organize them as the teachers for the weekly Zoom classes.

As many people in Europe also have the wish to learn more forró, I organize weekly zoom classes in all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with Lukas and Alice starting now.
You can join as a couple from wherever you are. If you don´t have a partner yet, we help you find one in your city.

Click here, let us know and we organize for you


In many citys around the world you already have the possibility to learn and dance Forró, but

  • many communitys are still small or dependent on a single teacher. When this teacher moves away or stops teaching, the community might die.
  • Also many citys have the potential to grow an awesome Forró community but without a teacher/ organiser the potential is never realized.
  • Some citys or region is so big that one teacher can not serve the demand.


Thats why we´ve created the „weloveforro“ Community. We empower each other to become great dancers, organisers and Forró teacher to spread the love of Forró.

  • With our online classes you can improve your Forró.
  • If you want to support your local community as teacher or organisator we are here to help. Talk to us and we find solutions for everything!